The Month of Fall!

Can you believe it is already September?! September 23d is the official first day of Fall, however, in some places leaves have already started changing colors and in others the leaves have already started dropping. Leaves dropping really kicks start the Fall season.
Did you know leaving fallen leaves on your lawn is bad for your lawns health? Not raking or blowing fallen leaves off your lawn can cause brown patches and lawn disease such as snow mold. Snow mold can either be grey, white or pink in color and looks like webbing. Snow mold appears in early Spring as the snow starts to melt and goes away with hot, dry weather. In some cases, leaving the matted down leaves on your lawn can prevent your grass from properly growing in the Spring. Although the leaves are pretty to look at and fun to play in, keep your lawn nice and healthy by cleaning up the fallen leaves this Fall!
Need some help taking care of those beautiful, pesky leaves this year? Our J&D crews are here to help!! The rate for our fall clean ups this year is $50/man hour. So for example if your clean up takes one hour with a four man crew, (60 mins x 4 men) = $200. The price can increase or decrease depending on how many man hours it takes to blow the leaves from your lawn, landscape beds, and other areas of your yard, if needed.
It is recommended that you have us blow your leaves more frequently than not. It is usually more cost effective to blow smaller quantities of leaves more often than many leaves at once because it takes less time per visit and the leaves are kept up with throughout the season. Otherwise, larger quantities of leaves blown less frequently usually take longer and add up to more man hours. Not to mention weather variables (wind, rain, etc.) which make large quantities of leaves more dense and more difficult to blow.

Space may be limited on the Fall clean up schedule. If interested, call today to ensure your fall clean up spot!

Fun Fact:

Fall colors (red, orange, yellow, brown) are produced by the amount of sugars in the leaves.

The leaves are dropping and soon the snow will be falling. Here in NE Ohio we never really know when it will hit. Even the weather men can’t properly predict it! As we all prepare for the winter months ahead, we at J&D Landscapes are gearing up for a winter of work.
If you’re interested in having us snowplow for the 2018-2019 Winter season, please contact us no later than October 7th for your quote. We will be marking driveways beginning October 15th. Spots on the snowplow schedule may be limited and we cannot guarantee there will be openings after October 7th.

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