The Benefits of Using Mulch

Besides the fact that mulch makes your yard look great, one of the best benefits of using mulch is that it retains moisture in the soil.  Mulch will break down over time and actually add to the soil health.  It also reduces injury of plants in the winter months, and in the spring and summer it helps with weed control.

Before you install mulch, you should prepare the area by removing any weeds, sticks and debris.  Mulch should be installed at about a 3″ depth.  Leave a space a few inches away from tree trunks and plant stems when spreading. This will help keep the plants healthy and free from disease and insects. Using a pitchfork instead of a shovel makes the job easier.

Locally there are a few companies that sell mulch such as TRC in Newbury, Sagamore Soils in Chagrin, and Hauser in Middlefield.  Of course to make it easy, just order mulch through J&D! We can help estimate how much you’ll need. Give us a call  at 440-319-8928 and ask about our special!

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