Summer is Among Us

Bed, tree and lawn installation, Middlefield Ohio June 2018. Before work

Ah, summer. The season most of us have been waiting for! The plants and flowers are in full bloom, the trees have gained their leaves, lawns have grown in, and the beauty is endless.

Most of the summer is spent outside and you want to make sure your yard is looking great. Just like cleaning that needs to be done inside the house to keep it nice, presentable, and relaxing, your yard should also be well taken care of.

Most services offered by landscape companies in the spring carry over into the summer; bush, shrub and tree pruning, flower planting, mulch and landscape installation, hardscape installation, driveway repair and general yard clean ups. Installing lawns can be done, however, they need a little more care in this hot weather as opposed to doing a spring installation. As always, we here at J&D Landscapes are available to answer your summer service questions on what may or may not be offered at this time.

If your yard isn’t looking quite up to par yet this year, you should consider making some extra time to spruce it up a bit, or just give us a call and we’d be happy to do it for you!

Completed Bed, tree and lawn installation, Middlefield Ohio June 2018.

Take time to enjoy the little things in life this month; friends, family and nice weather. Whether you’re taking a much needed vacation, a trip to the beach, going to the closest water park, or just staying home,¬†enjoy it!

Add some beauty to your yard!

Flowers are beautiful plants. With the varying colors, sizes, and smells, what’s not to love (unless you’re allergic, of course)? All plants have a specific season or time of year in which they thrive. Here is a list of a few summer flowers and plants that will grow well in your yard.

Annuals (need to be planted every year):
Gerbera daisy
Geraniums (pelergoniums, zonal, regal)
Morning glory
Purple fountain grass

Perennials (planted once and grow back every year):
Golden rod
Butterfly weed
Russian sage
Virginia bluebells
Hardy geraniums
Black-eyed susans

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