Company Changes

One of the major changes to J&D Landscapes, LLC this year is the addition of an office position. With the addition of this position, new opportunities for the company have become available. In previous years, all phone calls have gone to owner/operator Joe Pastor’s cell phone. However, adding a land line inside the office ensures a more timely manner of responding to phone calls and keeps Joe focused on the job he is performing with the Landscape Enhancement crew in the field. The new phone number to reach J&D Landscapes is (440) 834-4443. All marketing and advertising will be changed accordingly. Joe’s cell phone will remain in service and he can still be reached personally at (440)319-8928.

Another change we are looking into for this month is purchasing a newer dump truck. Our current dump truck has been of great use to us on the Landscape Enhancement crew but is becoming less reliable as it gets older. By purchasing a newer truck, we are better able to provide services with less down time. The current truck will remain in service until a new dump truck is purchased. After purchasing a new truck, the current one will be used to perform lighter duty tasks.

May Services 
Many landscape services are offered throughout the landscape season, however there are some services that are more specific to the timing and month of the season. In most cases, as it is with this year because of our wonderful NE Ohio weather, the beginning of the season really kicks off in May. Services provided at the beginning of the season and in May include:

  • Lawn fertilization and weed control

– Early Spring: granular pre-emergent plus spring fertilizer
– Late Spring: liquid broadleaf control

  • Spring clean up
  • Core aeration
  • Mulch installation
  • Landscape installation
  • Irrigation installation
  • Bush and tree pruning
  • Planting of summer and warmer weather annuals

J&D Landscapes offers all the services listed above and it is not too late to sign on for any service!

H2B Work Visa
In the last issue of our newsletter it was mentioned that we have two H2B employees from Mexico working with our Landscape Enhancement crew this year. Many people know about Mexicans coming to the United States to help with landscape work during the season, but don’t know much about the program itself.

The H2B visa is a nonimmigrant visa that allows foreign nationals to enter the United States temporarily for employment. Every year there is a cap of 66,000 foreign nationals permitted to work in the United States. Although we are most familiar with Mexicans coming here to work, this visa is offered to any foreign national wanting to work in the United States. An employer looking to hire through the H2B program has to meet specific requirements that are regulated by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

There are four work categories that are to be considered when an employer applies for this program; seasonal, intermittent, peak load, and one-time occurrence. The category we are most familiar with, and that our H2B employees fall into, is the seasonal work category. In this category, the foreign national(s) that have been approved and accepted into the program are tied to a season by an event or pattern. Our landscape season here in NE Ohio typically starts around April 1st, weather permitting, and typically ends around October (also weather permitting). It is sometimes difficult to retain employees native to the United States. Utilizing the H2B program provides a way to reduce employee turn over so that we have consistent employees to work on your properties throughout the entire landscape season.

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