Butterflies in Ohio

Butterflies are beautiful creatures with many different species. Some butterflies are native only to certain areas, for example, the Peacock Butterfly is native to Japan. There are six butterflies that we see most often in Ohio. These six species are the Monarch, Spicebush Swallowtail, Eastern Black Swallowtail, Painted Lady, Viceroy, and Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterflies (all pictured below).

At this time of year, monarch butterflies are hatching and emerging more rapidly as they prepare to migrate south for the winter. These monarchs are the third and fourth generation of the species, however they do not migrate themselves. The fourth generation mates one last time to produce generation five. It is this generation that begins the migration journey. The fifth generation lays its eggs in early spring, March and April. They then die off leaving the newly hatched caterpillar to become generation one. The caterpillar becomes chrysalis, or pupa, encasing itself in a protective shell. When ready, the caterpillar busts out of it’s shell and has become a beautiful butterfly (the process of metamorphosis). The second generation of monarchs appear in May and June, and the third and fourth generations emerge in July and August. This cycle is repeated every year as the monarch life cycle.

Bees are not the only species that pollinate flowers and plants, butterflies also play a part in doing so. Butterflies also benefit the economy as food; in the caterpillar or larva stage, they become food for surrounding species. They are nice to look at and watch with their varying designs, colors and patterns and some people even believe that butterflies appear when a passed loved one is near. Butterflies are indeed a special and beautiful creature.


Fun Fact:
Butterfly wings are made out of scales arranged in distinct patterns


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